Fruit & Vegetables

From authentic Dutch produce to exotics

The Netherlands may be a small country, growing fruit and vegetables is one thing we’re good at. Home-grown produce such as tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers and many varieties of lettuces, herbs and cresses make their way to countries all over the world.

In addition to fresh domestic and foreign produce, Deli Food Trading bv offers a wide range of frozen fruits and vegetables. Regardless of their nature: whole fruit, fruit purees or vegetables, in our polystyrene boxes such fragile products maintain quality in transit.

Evidently, the handling of perishable goods requires professional skills. That’s why we work with reliable partners when it comes to packaging and transport. Fresh produce and exotics coming in from across the world need some extra nourishing in order to reach the final destination in perfect shape. At Deli Food Trading bv we take special care of delicate produce; whether it’s about storing, packaging, or transporting them.

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Bob van der DeijlFruit & Vegetables