Try the World

At Home in the World's Specialities

It’s not just boasting, it’s a fact: at Deli Food Trading bv we know the way of the world. That’s why it’s a piece of cake to find, offer and order any speciality from any country. We’re merely lifting a corner of the veil:

  • Wild rice, quinoa and canihua from Canada, America and Peru
  • Tortilla’s and the full range of products to go with it from Mexico
  • Black and white truffles, fresh or preserved, and truffle-related products from Italy
  • Candied fruits from Armenia and ginger products from Fiji Islands
  • Chutneys and chocolates from South Africa

The sky’s the limit: all you need to do is put us to work!

Questions? It doesn’t cost anything to ask!

Bob van der DeijlTry the World